'Looking to the future'

Great progress on the new Scout HQ.....

The New Scout HQ

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Our Scout hut is over 60 years old and has done us proud. The hut was originally build by the Scouter, Scouts and Voluntary Helpers and was officially opened by Colonel Sir John Ruggles-Brise on 1st November 1958.  Colonel Sir John Ruggles-Brise was Lord Lieutenant of Essex and CountyPresident, Essex Boy Scouts Association.

The problem with the Hut is that it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain, more expensive to run and lacks some facilities completely such as disabled toilets and access.

We have received detailed estimates for both repair and rebuild and a decision was made to go ahead with the latter for a variety of economic and practical reasons.

We aim to build a state-of-the-art Scout headquarters with new camping store, an indoor climbing wall and facilities to allow all members of the local community to enjoy the new facility.

The appeal to raise the funds to build this new HQ was launched on 20th September 2008. The Fund itself is named "Looking to the Future" which is exactly what we are all doing.

Special guests the Mayor and Mayoress of Chelmsford and Lady Baden-Powell helped us launch the fund because they believe this project is important and want us to have the best facilities possible for now and for the future!


We have been working hard to raise funds ever since. We have appealed to grant funders, individuals and local government funding sources as well as carrying out traditional fundraising activities. We are continuing with our grant applications and we are waiting for decisions on several of those at the moment. We are also running a crowd funding site 8th Chelmsford Scout Group Crowd Funding


Over this time we have been fortunate enough to raise the majority of the funds required to build our new hut and have been given full planning permission . This coupled with the news that we will be granted a 99 year lease for the site by Chelmsford City Council is great , not just for us but also the wider community who will benefit from the new facilities on offer and who have been fundraising with us. 


Although we have raised the majority of the funds required we still have at the time of writing a highly significant £160k left to raise, as mentioned above this is in progress and everyone is focused on achieving our goal. As you can imagine any help in raising these funds no matter what amount given would be gratefully received. Please contact us by clicking HERE if you require any further information.


Thank you.


Steve Hugh, Chairman, 8th Chelmsford Scout Group

Launch Day Report September 2007

Groups and Societies who make use of the 8thChelmsford Scout Hut located in the heart of the Melbourne Estate came together to launch an appeal to raise the money for new premises. The present hut was built by volunteers 60 years ago and needs replacing with modern, accessible facilities. Plans include off-road parking, kitchens, stores, a hall and an indoor climbing wall.


The 8th Chelmsford hut is used by numerous local groups which benefit the community, including Retired Persons group, Homework club, Cubs, Explorers, Baton Twirlers, Church Groups, Parent and Toddler Group, Beavers, Belly Dancers, Scouts and Tai Chi. Many of the groups who use the hut were represented on the day, demonstrating what they do or providing displays.

Lady Baden Powell, the wife of the grandson of the founder of Scouting, Lord Baden Powell, along with the Mayor and Mayoress of Chelmsford were the distinguished guests, along with Sue Powell, District Commisioner for Chelmsford and District Scouts.


Lady Baden Powell, officially opening the fund said she was "impressed with the central position of the hut in the estate and the many volunteers supporting children and the community."


Steve Hugh, 8th Chelmsford Chairman said "Different groups have different impacts on the community, but jointly we encourage people to get out and get involved in something, take up a new interest learn a new skill make friends and have fun. Perhaps only in some small way making life a little richer. The facilities are offered where people need them as not everyone has transport. Someone might ask why rebuild, well the existing hut has done very well but was mostly  made by amateurs using what materials were available. It doesn't meet modern standards and is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. The fund has the tag line 'looking to the future' as we know it could be a long and difficult road ahead getting the money together, but now is an excellent time to start."


Donations on the launch day totalled almost £3000.


by Stephan Nicholls,

ADC Media & Communications 

A selection of photos from the launch day.